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With the approval of Special Exception No. 2016-03, the City was granted an easement for construction of a pocket park at the south end of the Cumberland Farms project located at 9000 Astronaut Boulevard. The easement allows for signage, landscaping, public amenities (sidewalk, outdoor furniture, bike rack, water fountain or public art) and utilities. Phase I includes the following:

  • Park design and layout.
  • Site work to include clearing and grading to commence late March 2019.
  • Winding walkway, LID landscaping and center plaza construction to follow with expected completion by May 2019.
  • Site amenities to include permeable walkway featuring a photoreactive (glow-in-the-dark) inlaid Milky Way Spiral Galaxy, themed benches and branded bike rack.

Upon completion of Phase I, Phase II additions include public art installation to take place FY19/20.

This project is estimated to cost $30,000 and will be paid from General Fund and/or CRA funds.

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