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Art can be everywhere! Sometimes its the little things that add beauty to our world and improve our quality of life. The world gives us countless opportunities to turn mundane bits of scenery into beautiful works of art.

Mural Arts Program

This year, as the capstone to the 2019 Summer of Space celebration, the City commissioned its first mural at a public facility. The design, created by South Florida muralist Anon, commemorates the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 Moon landing  and is being installed on the large north wall of the racquetball courts at the Nancy Hanson Recreation Complex on Taylor Avenue. The project is scheduled to be completed by the end of September (weather permitting) and will be dedicated at the October Friday Fest event on October 4th!

Traffic Control Cabinets

The City of Cape Canaveral invited artists of all ages to submit designs to wrap existing traffic control cabinets at selected intersections throughout the City. The designs were printed on UV coated anti-graffiti vinyl wraps and applied to the boxes as part of the 2019 Summer of Space activities. The artwork can be found on cabinets at following intersections:

State Route A1A @:
Holman Road + Center Street + Jackson Avenue + North. Atlantic Avenue + West Central Blvd

North Atlantic Avenue @:
West Central Blvd + Canaveral Beach Blvd

Rain Barrel Project

The construction of our Community Garden led to the opportunity for ART! Local residents volunteered their time and creativity to turn an ordinary utilitarian garden feature into a thing of beauty! In 2019, students from Cape View Elementary participated in a STEAM activity, using what they learned in science class to create garden-themed designs for four new rain barrels with illustrations depicting the water cycle,  dune preservation plants, good bugs and clean energy sources.  A&B Graphics turned their designs into UV-resistant vinyl wraps that will allow gardeners and visitors to enjoy their work for years to come.

Life Rescue Wrap Project

The City's commitment to the safety of its residents and visitors has created another opportunity for public engagement in the arts. In the Spring of 2017, the City installed several Life Rescue Stations along its oceanfront. Local artists/creators have been invited to design the wraps to spruce up the plain white poles. The project has ended, and the Life Rescue Stations are gone, but we enjoyed while they were here!

Stay tuned for new Civic Scenery projects!

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Cultural & Community Affairs Director

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