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Current Call: Sculpture Exhibition 


In a continued effort to introduce varied elements of public art into the Cape Canaveral landscape, the City of Cape Canaveral has created a program that will invite an individual artist to exhibit work as a biennial installation at the entrance of the Cape Canaveral Public Library. This program reinforces the City’s commitment to art and culture and fosters marketable opportunities for working artists in our community. Based on the success and community feedback on this inaugural installation, the program will expand to include additional sculpture installations throughout the City.



  • Able to be structurally secured to a concrete pad 8’ x 8’
  • Capable of withstanding coastal climate and weather conditions
  • Able to withstand a high traffic, public environment; considering public safety
  • Must be maintenance free for the duration of the exhibition
  • Must fit within the dimensions of 7’ (wide) by 10’ (tall)


  • Shall not advertise or promote a business, product or viewpoint.
  • Must be original and wholly the work of the submitting artist and shall not include any breach of intellectual property such as trademarks, copyrighted material, and brands.
  • Works suggestive of illegal activity; obscenity; pornography; nudity; trademark, brand, and copyrighted images; advertisements; political, religious or sexually suggestive concepts, symbols or messages will not be considered.
  • Work will be installed at the entrance of a public library so it must be appropriate for viewers of all ages.

 General Acknowledgements:

  • Work must be complete prior to submission, but no more than three years previous and never displayed in the State of Florida.
  • Artists should not have large open areas in the design that might provide an opportunity or invite vandalism to the work.


Staff will present all eligible submissions to the Culture + Leisure Services Advisory Board who will determine the final selection.



  • Artist bio and resume
  • Three high-resolution jpg images of the sculpture (no larger than 5MB)
  • Name each file with your name and the title, for example: smith_jane_title.jpg


  • Artist of selected sculpture will receive a $2,000 honorarium.
    • Advance disbursement of $500 to assist with transportation costs.
    • Remaining $1,500 paid to artist at time of installation.
  • Prior to the first disbursement, the artist must submit a completed W-9 with two separate invoices reflecting the $500 and $1,500 payments.


Sculptures are mounted to a concrete pad, based on the installation specifications provided by the artist at the time of acceptance. City Staff will supervise and assist in the installation and removal of all sculptures. Artists are responsible for the rental of any heavy equipment needed for this process. Barring unforeseen circumstances, all sculptures must remain in place for the duration of the 24-month exhibition. Any piece not retrieved by the deadline shall be treated as abandoned property and shall be subject to disposal or retained by the City, at its discretion.

Location: 201 Polk Avenue Cape Canaveral


  • Incomplete or late applications will not be accepted.
  • The City may use submitted images for publicity purposes.
  • Staff will notify all entrants of the results of the selection process in a timely manner.
  • The City is not responsible for damage due to inherent vice or poor construction materials.
  • In the event that a sculpture becomes unsightly, damaged or dangerous prior to the end of the exhibition, the City of Cape Canaveral reserves the right to remove it, with the artist responsible for any associated costs.


Molly A. Thomas, Cultural + Community Affairs Director
(321) 868-1220 x220


July 26 –
September 15

Call for Sculptures

September 30 

Final selection made during Culture & Leisure Services Advisory Board meeting.

October 1 – 8

Process contract, coordinate installation with the City’s Infrastructure Maintenance + Public Works Services teams.

October 18, 2021 –
October 18, 2023

Exhibition. (Subject to change based on transport + installation needs)

July – September

New Call for Sculptures

Click here to Download or Print a PDF of this Call

Civic Scenery Application:

Artist applications may be submitted digitally via the link below. All supporting documents submitted digitally must be legibly scanned or original PDFs. Portfolio images must be submitted in the highest resolution possible.

  • A completed Civic Scenery Artist Application.
  • Artist bio and resume
  • Three high-resolution jpg images of the sculpture (no larger than 5MB)
  • Name each file with your name and the title, for example: smith_jane_title.jpg

Questions: (321) 868-1220 Ext. 220 •

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