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For more than two decades, the Cape Canaveral Student Art Show has been a spring time cultural staple for students throughout Brevard County. In the last few years, it has expanded exponentially and now features the artwork from as many as 16 schools — to include a mix of public, private and charter institutions as well as those enrolled in home school programs. 

As the world continues to grapple with the persisting health threat posed by COVID-19, the City of Cape Canaveral remains committed to promoting the exceptional talents of our young artists in a manner that is both safe and convenient for everyone involved. After receiving a wealth of positive feedback from 2020's blind leap into the world of virtual exhibitions, we’ve decided to do it again!


Best in Show
         Disassociation - Blue - Cocoa Beach Jr./Sr. High

Best Interpretation of Theme
         The Last Straw - Kira - West Shore Jr./Sr. High

Best in Grades

  1. Stacked Birds - David - Odyssey Charter School
  2. Painted Heart - Brandon - Golfview Elementary
  3. One Point Perspective Farm - Kylie - Stevenson School for the Arts
  1. Bromeliad Still Life Collage - Alek - Stevenson School for the Arts
  2. Still Life Collage - Bristol - Stevenson School for the Arts
  3. Sleeping Child - Daniel - Odyssey Charter School
  1. The Community - Mya - Freedom 7 Elementary
  2. Rainbow City - Jackson - Odyssey Charter School
  3. Perspective Desert - Lilana - Stevenson School for the Arts
  1. Basquiat Portrait - Carter - Stevenson School for the Arts
  2. Sunset - Parker - Audubon Elementary
  3. The Egyptian Tunnel Maze Money - Helen - Freedom 7 Elementary
  1. Florida Panther - Ja’Quavion - Golfview Elementary
  2. Endangered Species Pop Art - Shaylee - Golfview Elementary
  3. Orange Fire Flower - Anthony - Freedom 7 Elementary
  1. Self Portrait - Jahmya - Golfview Elementary
  2. School Pop Star - Alona - Cape View Elementary
  3. Sticks and Stones Break My Bones - Kayden - Cape View Elementary
  1. Line Study - Ayla - Cape View Elementary
  2. Warhol Inspired Self Portrait - Erin - Stevenson School for the Arts
  3. Basquiat Portrait - Sarah - Stevenson School for the Art
  1. Butterfly of Hope - Zayden - Central Middle School
  2. The Snail’s Journey - Willow - West Shore Jr./Sr. High
  3. Lost - Lydia - Central Middle School
  1. Radial Symmetry - Erik - Southwest Middle School
  2. Meowself - Hayden - Southwest Middle School
  3. The Internal Warcraft - Juliet - Cocoa Beach Jr./Sr. High
  1. Double Exposure - Allison - Merritt Island High
  2. Nothing is Impossible - Ariana - Merritt Island High
  3. Resilience - Massimo - West Shore Jr./Sr. High
  1. Two Point Perspective - Emma - Cocoa Beach Jr./Sr. High
  2. Overgrowth - Adam - West Shore Jr./Sr. High
  3. Obsidian - Lyla - Cocoa Beach Jr./Sr. High
  1. Silenced - Rebecca - West Shore Jr./Sr. High
  2. Tide Pools - Allison - Merritt Island High
  3. Resilience Against the Force of Nature - Sasha - West Shore Jr./Sr. High
  1. Fractured Resiliency - Aislinn - West Shore Jr./Sr. High
  2. Resilience of Imagination - Merrick - West Shore Jr./Sr. High
  3. Daily Resilience - Angela - West Shore Jr./Sr. High


  • Prize category for artwork that best illustrates or interprets the show’s theme
  • There is no longer a category distinction between 2D + 3D pieces.
THEME (optional) 

Resilience - the capacity to recover quickly from difficulties, toughness

Resiliency, like art, often means different things to different people. It can indicate strength or flexibility; it can be both hindsight and an objective - a goal to work towards when facing known or unknown challenges. People can be resilient as individuals; communities and countries can be resilient, as well. Art can be used to express Resiliency in as many ways as there are meanings of the word - through subject matter, medium or even through context.

Submissions eligible for consideration in the Best Interpretation of Theme category must:
  • Creatively reflect the artists’ conceptualization of the word Resiliency and its meaning
  • Include a single paragraph Artist Statement of 50 words or less
Gallery FAQ  for Parents + Teachers

Why isn't my student's full name listed?

Because this show is accessible virtually, to audiences around the world, staff omitted artists' last names in an effort to balance privacy with appropriate artist recognition. 

Where is my student's artwork?

The show is divided into three galleries:
  • K - 6
  • Grades 7 - 12
  • Theme Gallery
If you student submitted artwork that reflected the (optional) theme of the show "Resiliency", their artwork will appear in the gallery Images of Resiliency

What if I have looked through all the galleries cannot locate my student's work or I find an error?

There were more than 130 submissions for this show, coming from 11 schools and 14 different teachers.  Mistakes are possible and easily corrected. If you happen to notice an error in one of the galleries, please contact the Show Coordinator and provide the following information for us to make the necessary corrections:
  • Artist's name
  • School, teacher and grade
  • Information/content to be corrected
How do I share this show with friends and family? 

Copy the link and paste it into a text, email or on your social media pages and let them know which gallery/galleries to look at.

Why is the size listed in the gallery not the same as the actual piece of art?

As not to restrict creativity or interfere with the schools' art curriculum requirements, teachers may submit art work (as images) of any size. In order to keep the virtual gallery space orderly and showcase everyone's talents effectively, it is often necessary to adjust the sizes of the file when the image is uploaded into the gallery software.

How will I know if my student won?

Teachers will be informed of the winners on or before May 11. At that time, staff will coordinate prize pick-up or delivery.

How are winners determined?

General submissions are categorized by grade and artwork is scored on a scale of 1 - 5 (with 5 being the best) in the following areas:

  • Visual Impact
  • Use of Space/Balance
  • Skillful Use of Medium/Materials
  • Creative Application
Bonus Category: Theme

  • This was an optional category for the artists,
  • Each piece is scored independently on a scale of 1 - 10 (with 10 being the best)
  • Bonus points awarded for this category will not be considered for the general (grade/best in show) award categories. 
  • Scores for general criteria may be included to determine overall award winner for Best Interpretation of Theme

2022 Show Schedule TBA


Molly A. Thomas
Director of Cultural and Community Affairs
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