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Department Name First Name Last Name Title Email Phone
Cultural & Community Affairs Stephanie Johnson Community Engagement Manager (321)-868-1231
Public Works Services Joshua Surprenant Public Works Services Director (321)-868-1240
Community Development David Dickey Community Development Director (321)-868-1220
Culture and Leisure Services Gustavo Vergara Culture and Leisure Services Director (321)-868-1226
Cultural & Community Affairs Molly Thomas Cultural & Community Affairs Director (321)-868-1220
Public Works Services Jessica Bunnell Laboratory Manager (321)-868-1240
Public Works Services June Clark Wastewater Treatment Plant Supervisor (321)-868-1240
Public Works Services Tim Carlisle Infrastructure Maintenance Supervisor (321)-868-1240
Human Resources / Risk Management Jane Ross Human Resources / Risk Management Director (321)-868-1220
Administrative/Financial Services John DeLeo Administrative/Financial Services Director (321)-868-1220
City Clerk's Office Mia Goforth City Clerk (321)-868-1220
Economic Development Todd Morley Economic Development Director (321)-868-1220
Capital Projects Jeff Ratliff Capital Projects Director (321)-868-1220
City of Cape Canaveral Bob Hoog Mayor (321)-868-1220
City Council Mike Brown Mayor Pro Tem (321)-868-1220
City Council Wes Morrison Council Member (321)-868-1220
City Council Rocky Randels Council Member (321)-868-1220
City Council Angela Raymond Council Member (321)-868-1220
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