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City of Cape Canaveral Municipal Election Information

The City Council is composed of a mayor and four council members elected by the voters of the City at large during a nonpartisan election.

There are residency requirements to run for Office in the City of Cape Canaveral. Cape Canaveral City Code of Ordinances Election Information.

General Election

  • Tuesday, November 2, 2021.
  • The City’s Qualifying Period for the City Election begins Monday at Noon, 08/02/2021 and ends Friday at Noon, 08/13/2021.


The Florida Division of Elections provides a Reference Guide which contains information and an FAQ about Resign-to-Run.

Section 99.012, F.S. covers the restrictions on individuals qualifying for elected office. A summary of the Resign-to-Run process:

No officer may qualify as a candidate for another municipal office if the terms, or any part of the terms, runs concurrently with each other without resigning from the office presently held. The resignation is irrevocable and must be submitted, in writing, at least 10 days prior to the first day qualifying opens for the office sought. The resignation must be effective no later than the date the individual would take office, if elected; or the date the individual's successor is required to take office, whichever is earlier. The resignation letter must be submitted to the Municipal Clerk with a copy to the Governor and the Department of State.

When a City Council Member or the Mayor resigns, a vacancy is created by the resignation and must be filled for that portion of the unexpired term, as provided by the City Charter. The office is deemed vacant upon the effective date listed in the resignation letter.

The current City of Cape Canaveral Charter indicates the remaining members of the City Council shall appoint a qualified person to fill the vacancy until the vacancy is filled at the next general election. Said appointment shall occur within 90 days of the vacancy. At the next general election, the vacant position shall be filled by a vote of the electors for the remainder of the original term. Any Council Member elected shall take office immediately upon election at the next scheduled City Council Meeting. Additionally, the current City Code of Ordinances indicates, should any general election include the election of a Council Person due to a vacancy in that Office, the unexpired term shall be filled by the candidate receiving the third-greatest number of votes or the second-greatest number of votes in a third year election involving only the Mayor. Should more than one vacancy be filled at the election, then those receiving the greatest number of votes shall be declared elected for the longest terms. In the event that two or more persons receive an equal and highest number of votes for the same office, such persons shall draw lots to determine who shall be elected to the office in question per Section 100.181, Florida Statutes.

Each candidate is solely responsible for complying with the resign-to-run statute and qualifying for elected office. The City Clerk’s office is not responsible for ensuring candidates comply with their own personal responsibilities. 

City Council Term of Office

  • Three years. 

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