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  1. Review Reclaimed Water Information Packet
  2. Submit application and fee. Conditional permit issued upon approval
  3. Meet requirements for connection to reclaimed water system
  4. Meet backflow device requirements
  5. Call for inspection. Final permit issued upon satisfactory inspection. System is activated

Step 1 (Public Information Requirements)  This information is given as a packet, and is mandatory for the property owner, resident if the premises is rented, management company or association. This packet is to explain the system and answer any questions you may have, prior to connecting to the City’s reclaimed water system. Viewing this packet in no way obligates you to connect to the City’s system.  Reclaimed Water Policies + Regulations Manual is available in the Document Center under Public Works Services.

Step 2 (Application/Conditional Reuse Permit) — Submission of a fully completed application form and the appropriate connection fee is necessary to initiate a request for connection to the reclaimed water system. An application is included in the front pocket of this packet. Applications are available in the Document Center under Public Works Services.

  1. The application is to be filled out by the property owner, resident if the premises if rented, management company or association and returned to the City of Cape Canaveral Water Reclamation Facility, 601 Thurm Blvd., P.O. Box 326, Cape Canaveral, FL 32920-0326, along with the connection fee. (Check or Money Order Only).
  2. After the application has been reviewed and approved, a conditional permit will be issued. At that time, the City will schedule the installation of the service tap/ box. The person making application can then proceed to ready their private irrigation system for connection by fulfilling the requirements in Step 3, Step 4, and Step 5.
Step 3 (Private Irrigation System Requirements) —  For connection into the City’s reclaimed water system the following is required:

  1. Irrigation System
    1. An in-ground irrigation system for land application.
    2. The retrofitting of an existing system.
    3. The installation of a new sprinkler system.
    4. The above can be done by the owner, resident, management or association having control of such property. Note: Irrigation systems must be designed so that spray does not go into the street, swimming pools, public sidewalks, etc. during normal use periods. Keep irrigation contained to your property.
  2. Hand Control Valve
    1. A hand control valve must be installed and be accessible on the user’s side of service as close to the City’s curb stop valve (City’s service line) as possible. This valve is for your convenience, and is to shut off the reclaimed water supply to your sprinkler system, in the event of a down stream break. The hand control valve may be installed in the City’s service box if there is adequate room. Note: The City’s curb stop valve (City’s supply line valve) is to be opened or closed by City personnel only. The installer must contact the City’s Water Reclamation Facility to turn the system on and off during, or after construction to flush or pressure check the system.
Recommendation for Irrigation Installation — Components and material for your system should be compatible with pressures up to 100 psi. The recommended piping is schedule 40 (pvc) pipe. Avoid mist heads due to vaporization at this pressure. In- ground pop-up water droplet heads are recommended. However, if your existing system presently has mist heads, you may install Pressure Compensating Screens, which will eliminate fogging caused by high pressure. The recommended water cycle is three (3) times a week, mornings or evenings. Therefore, a timer and zone system is an important part of your irrigation system. However, hand control valves for zoning is acceptable.

Where new lines are installed, other than the main supply line to the sprinkler system, it is recommended that these lines be marked as RECLAIMED WATER by the use of the color purple/lavender manufactured tape or paint to prevent Cross Connections. It is mandatory that piping and outlets conveying nonpotable water be adequately and durably identified by a distinctive color Purple/Lavender for reclaimed and yellow for other nonpotable water supplies so that it is readily distinguished from piping carrying potable water.

Step 4 (Backflow Device Installation) — The installation of a backflow device is mandatory for the protection of the Potable Water supply (drinking water) where Reclaimed Water is upon the same property. All backflow installations are performed by the City of Cocoa, Water Department.  Please call (321) 433-8400 for coordination.

Step 5 (Inspection/Final Reuse Permit) — The City of Cape Canaveral Water Reclamation Facility shall be notified of any and all water connections or related requirements to the use of the reclaimed water system, including cross-connection protection and devices.

When to call for an inspection

  • When completed connection is made to the City’s reclaimed water service (curb stop) valve in the service box
  • When a Hand Control Valve is installed on the user’s side of the City’s valve
  • When the in-ground irrigation system is ready for use
  • When the Backflow Device is installed and tested

Inspection results and system activation

  • All inspections must be complied with
  • When all requirements are met, the City shall issue a Final Reuse Permit and the system will be activated 

Important information:

  • No water cooled air conditioning will be connected to the system
  • No added hose bibs are permitted on the reclaimed (irrigation) system
  • No potable water systems or hydraulics may be tied into the system
  • No connections to wells or quick disconnects
    • Note: Wells may be retained but must be completely separate from the reclaimed system
  • No aesthetic connections (such as water falls or fountains) are permitted without direct approval of the WRF
  • No overhead irrigation systems allowed without the approval of the WRF
  • Note: Any customer whose reclaimed water system is in violation of any City Ordinance Regulation or procedure shall be subject to immediate discontinuance of reclaimed water service. Such discontinuance of service shall not relieve any person of liability for civil action or criminal or municipal ordinance violation prosecution
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