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City Employment- Current Openings

What We Do

The Human Resources and Risk Management Department is responsible for developing, implementing and maintaining innovative strategies necessary for achieving the City’s mission and vision.

Primary duties include:

  • Recruitment, development and retention of a talented, diverse and sustainable workforce.
  • Streamline policies and procedures in order to eliminate redundancy and inefficiency.
  • Drive positive change through employee engagement, teambuilding and leadership development.
  • Assess workflow processes in order to achieve maximum efficiencies.
  • Promote positive, constructive and effective employee communication in a manner that reduces nonproductive conflicts and grievances.
  • Staff training and talent development.
  • Safeguard city assets through an aggressive and proactive risk management strategy.
  • Ensure the City’s competitive edge in the areas of compensation and benefits.  
  • Ensure effective Emergency Management preparedness and response plan.
  • Safeguard the safety and well-being of staff and the general public through strict safety program compliance, employee participation in the development of standard operating procedures and continuous training.
  • Conduct a wide range of research to include data analysis intended to proactively identify industry trends, determine legislative impacts and fiscal accountability.
Things to Know
The City of Cape Canaveral is committed to promoting a diverse and inclusive work environment where employees are free from unlawful barriers to employment and career advancement. The City has a zero tolerance policy in regards to bullying, harassment, discrimination, illicit drug/alcohol use, theft and dishonesty.

City Employment
Title VI Nondiscrimination Policy can be found in the Document Center

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