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Energy + Energy Efficiency

Electricity is a vital resource that must be managed and responsibly sourced in order to improve socio-economic sustainability, resilience, and environmental well-being. In today’s modern digital era, every aspect of City operations is conducted via the use of electricity. With demand for power increasing around the world due to a rise in the electrification of numerous economic sectors (i.e., tele-communications, transportation, buildings, industry, etc.), ensuring reliable and clean sources of generation is key to developing a more sustainable future.

This web page is designed to educate residents and visitors about the concept of energy, and the role energy plays throughout society at a local, regional, and national level. Where does it come from? How is it produced? What is the impact of its production? And, how can you reduce your electricity needs so as to reduce cost? This page is by no means comprehensive, as the energy sector is constantly changing. As such, this page will continue to be updated in order to provide an ongoing factual platform for the latest in energy trends, City projects, and initiatives to provide utility savings.

Florida's Power Portfolio

Electricity in Brevard

Fossil Fuels

Renewable Energy

Why does the City want to shift to renewable energy?

Energy Efficiency

Additional Resources

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