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Ridgewood Avenue Extension Fact Sheet
Updated 2/25/20

(The underlying images below are from the Brevard County Property Appraisers Office Website. Blue line arrows have been added for illustrative purposes.)

  • A public beach access maintained by the City is located adjacent to Harbor Dr. and currently serves the public, including residents of Harbor Heights.

  • The City has not discovered any recorded private beach access easements running in favor of residents of Harbor Heights.

  • To the south of the City’s public beach access adjacent to Harbor Dr., a private beach access easement benefiting Ocean Woods lies across a potion of the City’s Ridgewood Avenue Extension property and continues further to the east across a northern portion of the Ocean Oaks property. This easement was conveyed to Ocean Woods many years ago. The City is not responsible for the Ocean Woods private beach access easement.


  • A natural path is located on Ocean Woods private property and provides Ocean Woods residents access to the Ocean Wood’s private beach access described above. The City is unaware of any Public Access Easements giving the public the right to travel across the natural path located on Ocean Woods private property.


  • Ocean Woods has the right to restrict access to the natural path located on the Ocean Woods private property to Ocean Woods residents, but historically has permitted the public to use the natural path.
  • Representatives from Ocean Woods and Ocean Oaks requested to meet with City Staff regarding the unpaved portion of the Ridgewood Avenue Extension property, which was conveyed by deed to the City many years ago. At that meeting the representatives asked if the City would consider conveying a portion of the unpaved part of the Ridgewood Avenue Extension property which is located south and east of the natural path. Staff agreed to meet.
  • Staff subsequently attended a site visit with the two parties to gather additional information regarding the request. The request is still being evaluated by the City.
  • No action has been taken by the City to convey any portion of the Ridgewood Avenue Extension property and the City is under no obligation to convey the property. Any decision to convey the property would have to be made by the City Council by ordinance at a public hearing.
  • At the October 2019 City Council meeting, the Council unanimously approved a Motion to send the item to the Planning and Zoning Board for public input and a Recommendation to Council. 
  • A Planning and Zoning Board meeting was scheduled for December 4, 2019. The Ridgewood Avenue Extension public discussion and Recommendation was placed on that agenda.
  • After hearing from residents and considering the item since last December, on February 19th, the City of Cape Canaveral Planning and Zoning Board made a formal Policy Recommendation to the City Council regarding the future use of Ridgewood Avenue Extension Property:
  1. The City should maintain fee simple ownership of the Ridgewood Avenue Extension property. 
  2. The City should continue to maintain the Ridgewood Avenue Extension as green space.
  3. In the event that Ocean Woods constructs improvements on its private property which have the effect of closing the existing private dirt path to the general public in the future, the City should consider designing and constructing a public pedestrian path through the Ridgewood Avenue Extension property for purposes of maintaining the connectivity currently enjoyed by the public between Harbor Heights and the paved portion of Ridgewood Avenue.  
The Policy Recommendation will be placed on the March 17, 2020 City Council meeting agenda.

For additional questions, please contact City Manager Todd Morley at (321) 868-1220.

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