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A Sea of Change: Monthly Blog

As a barrier island community, the bodies of water that surround our City play a vital role in sustaining the City's socio-economic activities and support the larger Central Florida economy as a whole—and will likely be impacted by rising seas. 

This blog is a resource to keep our residents in the loop with news, technology, projects and research developments associated with sea level rise and it's potential impacts on our City and its residents.

November 2020: Sentinel-6 Michael Freilich Spacecraft

December 2020: Using Gravity to Measure Sea Level Rise

January 2021: Space Coast Transportation Planning Organization Vulnerability Assessment

February 2021: The Importance of Sea Oats

March 2021: The Relationship Between Sea Level Rise + Hurricanes

April 2021: NASA’s Newest Disaster Monitoring Satellite: NISAR

May 2021: 1991-2020 Climate Norms from NOAA

June 2021: Preparing Your Home for Sea Level Rise

July 2021: Study Projects an Increase in Coastal Flooding, Starting in 2030s

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