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The Brevard County Sheriff’s Office Cape Canaveral Precinct has received many inquiries about the use of “Golf Carts” vs “Low Speed Vehicles” on City roads and sidewalks.

Please remember there is a significant difference between a “Golf Cart” and a “Low Speed Vehicle”.

What’s the Difference? “Golf Carts” + “Low Speed Vehicles”

Golf Carts
  • The operation of a Golf Cart upon the public roads and streets of Florida is prohibited except as provided in: Florida Statute 316.212, whereas Golf Carts may only be operated on roads that have been specifically approved by the state, the county or municipality.
  • At this time, there are NO municipal or state roads in the City of Cape Canaveral that have been approved for the operation of Golf Carts. 
  • Golf Carts have a maximum speed of 15-20 miles per hour.
  • Golf Carts are not allowed on the streets in the City of Cape Canaveral.
  • Golf Carts in Florida are not required to be registered/titled or insured (although insurance is highly recommended).
  • A person must be 14 years or older to operate a golf cart.
Low Speed Vehicles
  • According to Florida Statute 316.2122, a Low Speed Vehicle may only be operated on streets where the speed limit is 35 mph or less. All the rules and laws that apply to the family car also apply to the Low Speed Vehicle.
  • May be operated on municipal or state streets/roads in the City of Cape Canaveral where the speed limit is posted 35 miles per hour or less. 
  • Low Speed Vehicles have a top speed greater than 20 miles per hour, but not greater 25 miles per hour.
  • Must be equipped with headlamps, stop lamps, turn signals, tail lamps, reflex reflectors, parking brakes, rearview mirror, windshield, seatbelts, and a vehicle identification number.
  • Must be registered and insured in accordance with Florida Statute 320.02 and titled in accordance with Chapter 319 of the Florida Statues. 
  • Operators must have in their possession a valid driver license.
Neither “Golf Carts” nor “Low Speed Vehicles” are allowed to operate on sidewalks in the City of Cape Canaveral, as the sidewalks are not designed to support this type of traffic.

Moving forward, these laws will be strictly enforced, so please take the time to understand the difference and the laws for each.

Commander Andrew M. Walters
Brevard County Sheriff’s Office
Cape Canaveral Precinct

If you have questions, or need assistance in determining if your vehicle meets the “Low Speed Vehicle” requirements, we will be happy to help you. Please call the Sheriff’s Cape Canaveral Precinct at: (321) 868-1113
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