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Due to concerns regarding recent heavy rainfall events and a related stormwater drainage issue at the intersection of Lincoln Avenue and Orange Avenue, the City Manager worked with Directors to proactively implement a temporary solution as well as a long-term permanent solution to reduce impacts from additional possible heavy rainfall events. As a result, Public Works Services Staff has provided a temporary pump to assist outfall flow rates in the associated stormwater basin. This will help reduce the potential for all impacts in the basin until a permanent solution is achieved.

The Capital Projects department is working with a Stormwater Engineering Consulting Firm tasked to study and recommend a long-term resolution. City Staff will be monitoring storm conditions and will be on call 24/7 to clear storm drains and to activate the pump as needed. Report flooding or storm draining issues: text/call (321) 474-5728 or via email

A questionnaire has also been developed to help Staff promptly evaluate and respond to flood situations within the City of Cape Canaveral. For the purposes of this form, a flood situation should be considered an abnormal rise in water either on a street or on a property that is either caused by a natural rainfall or a storm surge event. Up-to-date and detailed information is critical to the City’s response. Please fill out the questions via the link below to the best of your ability with as much detail as needed when a flood situation is occurring. Thank you for your outreach. 

Do not utilize this form for emergency flood situations. If a flood situation is life threatening to you and your family please call 911 immediately.

City of Cape Canaveral Floodwater Questionnaire 

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