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Video guidelines for ADA accessibility

As part of the City’s continued effort to meet ADA accessibility guidelines for websites and related media, it will no longer livestream meetings at this time because they cannot be captioned in real-time with our current livestream device. Accessible videos should include a transcript, captions, or audio descriptions in order to allow equal access. Staff explored multiple video captioning services and discovered that they do not caption in real-time, charge by the minute, or require 24-hour turnaround. As a result, Staff was unable to determine a livestream caption service or device that made economic sense given the low rate of livestream viewers compared to replay viewers.

Over the last nine months, City Council meeting livestreams have had an average of 36 viewers watching for an average of 14 minutes. City Advisory Board meetings see an average of four unique viewers for an average of 10 minutes. The majority of our audience watches the meetings on replay via YouTube or the City website. If we dive deeper, the numbers are not a true representation of viewers since Staff are counted in both the livestream and replay numbers as we watch for quality control or meeting minutes, this leaves us with a more realistic number of 25 unique viewers on average.

After reaching out to multiple cities with similar concerns we have determined that YouTube has proven to be the most efficient and cost effective way for local governments to meet ADA accessibility guidelines since YouTube is constantly improving its speech recognition technology and automatically generates captions for videos without additional costs. To increase Community engagement and ADA accessibility, the City will continue to record videos via BoxCast, and then upload videos to YouTube within three (3) business days of the meeting’s conclusion. Additionally, for those in the Community that prefer to access replays via the City’s website, Staff has upgraded the City’s BoxCast account to enable auto generated captions for replay views for an additional $288.36 a year.

Going forward, the City will continue to research and explore livestream technologies, as we are always looking for ways to improve City-to-Community communication. The City’s goal is to ensure that information is equally accessible to all, allowing all individuals to independently navigate content easily. These changes will assist with this endeavor.

The Cultural + Community Affairs Director will answer any other questions you may have. Please contact me at or (321) 868-1220, Ext. 220.

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