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In an effort to reduce the amount of one of the most littered items on the planet, the City of Cape Canaveral will be installing 50 new cigarette receptacles across the Community, including at all beach crossovers, covered bus shelters, parks and City buildings. These metal, lockable receptacles come freely to the City from Keep America Beautiful, a Connecticut-based nonprofit whose mission is to “inspire and educate people to take action every day to improve and beautify their community environment."

But wait, there's more! The City has become a member of @Terracycle’s cigarette butt recycling program, a New Jersey-based company who recycles items not usually recycled in curbside bins. Once full, City Staff will collect cigarette butts from each receptacle, package them and send them off (free of charge) to Terracycle where they will be recycled into new usable goods such as benches and pallets. Check out Terracycle’s website below to see how the process works. Anyone can sign up to become a member of their various recycling programs.

Please do not throw cigarettes onto the ground or the beaches. Trillions of butts are littered every year and that is not an exaggeration. They are harmful to wildlife, a fire hazard and can leach harmful chemicals into the ground and water. Like you would dispose of any other waste item, just place them in the appropriate receptacle.…/3…/How_cigarette_butts_recycled-v1-us.pdf

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