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How Solar Lighting is Making a City More Resilient in the Face of Climate Change

With climate change bringing more intense hurricanes to Florida's shores, the City of Cape Canaveral is striving to become more sustainable and resilient. New city buildings are LEED certified, the city now opts for hybrid cars and, more recently, off-grid solar lights illuminate municipal facilities.
Sustainable Municipal Lighting
When the city’s water reclamation facility needed new lighting, Infrastructure Maintenance Supervisor Tim Carlisle began looking for a better lighting solution.
“I am always looking into sustainable ideas and projects to help with not only our electric bills but also the city’s green footprint.” Tim Carlisle
Tim was seeking an environmentally friendly lighting solution for the facility, when he found that First Light’s SCL2 solar luminaires had the performance and sustainability he was looking for. With 52 First Light solar luminaires now installed, the facility’s outdoor lighting is 100% off-grid.
“The lighting is better than the electric lighting we had in place before.” - Tim Carlisle
[call-out box] The total energy savings for the facility are 63,180 kWh per year.
Yearly CO² emissions savings are equivalent to:

  • 109,237 miles driven by an average passenger vehicle
  • 5,027 gallons of gasoline consumed
  • 5.3 home’s energy use for one year
  • 5,696,970 smartphone charges
  • 15.6 tons of waste recycled instead of landfilled [/call out box]

Resilient Municipal Lighting
The facility, which also serves as public works offices and as an operations center during emergencies, can be confident that the outdoor lights will always be on when needed.
“The sustainability and resiliency of our assets is very important. Now that we are not attached to the power grid, we can maintain 24-hour operations during an emergency.” - Zachary Eicholtz
Recently, Cape Canaveral escaped the full force of hurricane Dorian but still experienced winds exceeding 50mph and all SCL2s remained fully operational.
Bright, Reliable Lighting
Cape Canaveral continues to look for ways to minimize its footprint while maximizing value for residents. With the SCL2, the city gets reliable lighting for a key facility with upfront costs being 50% less without the need to install electrical wires.
With current performance levels, the city is looking at other opportunities to install First Light solar lighting.
“We are really pleased with the brightness of the lights. A big misconception is that sustainable solar lights are dim.” - Zachary Eicholtz, Sustainability Manager at City of Cape Canaveral

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